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company news about Industrial Laboratory PID Mineral Testing Machine Ow-881—Tg Electric Blast Oven

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Industrial Laboratory PID Mineral Testing Machine Ow-881—Tg Electric Blast Oven
Latest company news about Industrial Laboratory PID Mineral Testing Machine Ow-881—Tg Electric Blast Oven

Product description
The parts used in the product are all products that have been tested in the market for many years and are generally recognized by the market. Most of them are imported products. Our thousands of selected parts ensure the stability and aging resistance of the whole product in use. . Adopt advanced and mature technology and equipment to create a product with extremely low failure rate, high stability and good cost performance, equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, including over-temperature protection, leakage protection, fan overload protection, overload, over Current protection, phase sequence protection and other safety devices will automatically alarm when abnormal conditions occur during operation, and have an emergency shutdown function when the input power is found to be unstable. Fully protect the safety of the product itself and the surrounding environment, the overall design is reasonable, the details are properly handled, and the whole machine is beautiful and generous. In the design, the environmental protection and energy situation of today's world are fully taken into account. In the selection of parts and materials and the design of products, try to be more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly and more reasonable, and fully meet the requirements of modern enterprises for environmental protection and energy conservation. High-quality fan components and reasonable air duct circulation system are selected. Under the working state, the sound of the whole machine is also very low, giving operators a better working environment and production environment.


1. Main technical parameters:
1 Model: OW-881—TG
  Inner box size: 550 high x 550 wide x 450 deep
Outer box size: 970 high, 1030 wide, 730 deep

c c Temperature resolution: 0.1°
  Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5°
  Temperature uniformity: ±3°
2 Temperature range:
a RT.+10℃~300℃ (the temperature range can be adjusted arbitrarily).
3 Heating and cooling rate:
a From room temperature to 200℃, about 20 minutes (display value).
2. Structure and material:
1 Inner box material: The inner material is SUS stainless steel 1.2mm
2 Outer box material: The outer material is high quality SPCC 201 1.2mm cold rolled sheet
3 Insulation layer: The insulation material is imported aluminum silicate fiber rock wool, which can avoid unnecessary energy loss.
4 Structural materials, made of national standard 8# channel steel and 10# channel steel, 10#H steel and 5# angle steel
5 Thickness of insulation layer: 100mm.
8 Control method: SSR thyristor dual display control, the whole process of blasting and heating is automatically completed
9 Temperature measuring body: K-type armored thermoelectric corner.
10 Special design, space saving and moderate operation height, easy maintenance.
11 Exhaust: 60mm diameter, 1 exhaust valve, the exhaust volume can be adjusted
12 Internal sealing of the box: all splicing gaps inside are fully welded by argon arc welding and coated with high temperature resistant glue
3. Temperature control systems:  
1 Controller: high-precision dual display The controller can display the set temperature, measured temperature, heating working status, and has power-on self-checking and PID automatic computing capabilities. Zhejiang Chengneng  
2 Temperature measurement: using K  
3 Setting accuracy: 1℃.  
4 Instrument setting range: temperature, 0℃~+300℃  
5 Emergency stop switch: An emergency stop switch is installed on the control cabinet for use in case of equipment accidents.  
6 The temperature control element adopts SSR temperature control  
7 The heating tube adopts high temperature resistant stainless steel heating tube  
8 Heating power: 4.5KW (use 30% power after constant temperature)  
  5. Blower system  

Air duct design: The equipment adopts 3 independent air duct design, the upper air duct is installed with blower motor, centrifugal fan blade, special type high pressure turbine toward the shell

Install heating elements inside the air ducts on both sides External punching protects the deflector The hot air goes more accurately and the internal temperature is more uniform

2 Blower motor: YBX3 high-efficiency energy-saving embedded high-temperature-resistant special motor
1*40W configuration special centrifugal fan

Electrical configuration and brand: contactor, continuous protection, overload protection, solid state relay, air circuit breaker, choose Schneider Himanton brand, good reliability  
6. Safety protection device  
1 Over-temperature protection to prevent abnormal temperature rise and damage to materials, over-temperature cut off the heating and electricity and accompanied by sound and light alarm  
2 sound and light alarm.  
3 Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection  
4 leakage protection.  
5 Thermal overload The motor is overheated and damaged  
7. Power supply: 220V≤±10%, 50±0.5HZ, 2-phase 2-wire. Installation power 5KW.  
8. Equipment use environment:  
1) Environmental conditions around the device:  
1 Temperature: -30℃~70℃.  
2 Relative humidity: ≤85%RH.  
3 Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa.  
4 There is no strong vibration around.  
5 No direct sunlight or direct radiation from other heat sources.  
6 There is no strong airflow around. When the surrounding air needs to be forced to flow, the airflow should not be blown directly to the room.  
7 There is no strong electromagnetic field around.  
8 There is no high concentration of dust and corrosive substances around.  
9 The site is well ventilated.  
10 There should be at least one passing space around the equipment, namely: ≧600mm.  
11 There should be a space where the box door can be opened and closed normally at the equipment unpacking door, and there should be no other objects directly in front of the equipment box door.  
9. Warranty period: The whole system warranty period of the machine is 1 year from the date of delivery.  
  10. Delivery time: 10 working days/set delivery after receiving your company's order and deposit.  
  11. Payment method: 30% in advance, 60% on delivery, and the balance should be paid within 6 months.
  12. Random information:  
  1 Operating Instructions.  
  2 Factory inspection certificate, after-sales guarantee  
  13. Other  
  Optional configuration Temperature control table Touch LCD screen PLC programming Temperature module RS485 port MODBUS protocol programmed temperature curve graph Data saving and exporting  
  1 This quotation is valid for two months from the quotation.  
  2 This quotation includes tax, including equipment fee, transportation and one-year after-sales service.  
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