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company news about What beneficiation costs do you need to consider?

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What beneficiation costs do you need to consider?
Latest company news about What beneficiation costs do you need to consider?

(1) Raw material cost: It includes the sum of the mining cost of the raw ore and the transportation cost. The transportation cost includes the logistics cost of adding the raw ore from the mining field to the concentrator.

(2) Auxiliary material fee: The design auxiliary material consumption quota is multiplied by the local material price, or calculated by multiplying the national unit price of materials (if the transportation distance is long, the transportation and miscellaneous costs of materials should be considered) multiplied by the design consumption quota.

(3) Water and electricity costs for mineral processing: the water and electricity consumption indicators for mining can be obtained by multiplying the unit price of water and electricity (the water and electricity indicators should deduct the electricity and water consumption for repairs and administrative welfare facilities).
(4) Worker wages: the basic wages of production workers and auxiliary workers engaged in the series of beneficiation production processes (excluding the wages of machine repair, maintenance and non-production personnel)

(5) Wage surcharge: about 11% of the total monthly wages received by workers engaged in mineral processing work shall be withdrawn in accordance with relevant state regulations.

(6) Overhaul costs and maintenance costs (including materials, wages, power, depreciation, etc. for overhaul and maintenance): multiply by the unit product investment in fixed assets (deducting mechanical maintenance, maintenance, administrative living welfare facilities costs) Overhaul rates and maintenance rates. The overhaul rate is generally extracted from 2-2.5% of the original value of fixed assets, and the maintenance rate is generally extracted from 3-6% of the original value of fixed assets. Maintenance costs can also be calculated for equipment and buildings by multiplying the original price of the fixed asset by the corresponding rate. The competent authorities in various regions have made regulations on the enterprise rate, which can be implemented by reference.

(7) Basic depreciation: The basic depreciation is generally drawn according to the service life of the enterprise or the service life of the equipment and buildings invested in fixed assets. When the useful life of the enterprise is very long, the calculation of basic depreciation generally takes 20 years as the economic calculation period of the enterprise. The fixed asset formation rate is calculated on the basis of the design estimate and after deducting the mechanical repair, maintenance and administrative, living welfare and other expenses in the fixed assets. If there is no design estimate, it can be calculated based on the total investment of 0.85-0.9.

(8) Management fees (including workshop funds and enterprise management fees): Due to the large number of projects, the calculation details are complicated and difficult during design, and can be selected according to the actual indicators of similar enterprises.

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